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Wolphfe Sharks 13 .:Closed:. by Pieology Wolphfe Sharks 13 .:Closed:. by Pieology

All have been colored! Thank you so so much to those who bought these sharks and those who had interest, you guys have helped me so much you don't even understand!! ;;;

I'm just laughing and facepalming so hard, all of the ones I colored so far on this set have been brown/cream/orange. XDDD I'm also facepalming because it's pretty late and I couldn't get the last row done because I'm a bit too tired. OTL But the last row is CYOP or WTIC. What does WTIC mean? It means Wait Til I Color them. Yep. You can either 1) choose your own palette 2) Wait til I  color them to buy them (you can't claim and not pay/put them on hold, but you can hold off jumping on one until you see my colors...) or 3) Buy it now and leave the colors completely up to me.

Thank you very much for those who gave me the palettes for me to have inspiration off of! Also please pardon my writing, I'm all sorts of sleepy. *snorts* I might head to bed, I'm just putting this up just in case you know... I forget somehow? XDDD Idk why I'm putting this up so late, sorry to those who stayed up too long. OTL

If you haven't heard, I am making this set due to needing emergency funds-- these funds will go towards helping to pay the rent this month. Some things happened where we ended up falling up short due to delays, so I'm wanting to contribute cash for the time being. OTL I don't usually like mentioning my financial situations, but this was for those who were curious. ;;

By the way there ended up being 0 rainbow drips, 1 giraffe dotted, 1 rare personality, and 0 rare sub-personality sharkies on this set! The odds haven't been very nice this time... 


*Please do not resale or steal these. Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…
*This is a temporarily closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
*Be sure to credit me for making the design when you first draw it.
*Please do not give them rare markings/personalities/sub-personalities unless they are marked as being able to. ;H; That way they'll keep rare.
*No trades.
*No begging, whining, or guilt-tripping. I'd like to keep my inbox at least a little less cluttered than it already is. OTL
*You may try to offer more than the max price, but I cannot guarantee that I'll accept your offer since this is supposed to be a set price set.
*Cash only, no points. Sorry!
*I'll send you the unwatermaked version once I confirm payment.
*Feel free to give them a new wardrobe.
*Have fun with them Lovelies! *3*


$20-$25 unless stated otherwise.

1. Mcgeek: ~Superhglg
This shark knows quite a lot about many things. Not that anyshark cares. He hates being ignored, but due to his species usually.. simpler minds, no one really appricates this one's smarts. This leaves him very Grouchy and irritable.

2. Caper: =Kingdomkey
She has all the pride of a queen. In face she thinks she is one-- or at least a noble. She is very Cocky, always showing off her cape and bragging about what "wonderful victories" she had accomplished that day. Most find it very annoying, but she doesn't really care. She is pretty prissy about her pride too, which is even more annoying to most.

3. Cookierookie: *Rainbowstarrs
He has no sense of remorse for others or their troubles, he thinks sympathy is a waste of time. He instead tells them to work, make themselves more useful instead of moping, and he can be quite Mean-spirited at times about it. He loathes melancholy/pessimistic sharks, and likes to give them hell whenever he can. The only way to make this bossy shark get off your back is to stuff some cookies in his mouth.

4. Cutthief: =Kingdomkey
He will rob anyshark blind that he sees-- in fact he'll literally make them blind before he steals from them. He usually carries around a pouch of sand with him to throw into victims' eyes to make them temporarily unable to open their eyes then ransacks through their belongings to see if he can find anything valuable. If they open their eyes before he's done, he'll threaten to gorge their eyes out if they tell anyone about him-- he is a very Cold about it, he does not bluff. Perhaps he does this because he nearly lost his eye years ago...

5. Detective Cupcake: *PumpkinCalypso
Once this Skeptical shark finds one little thing strange about you, he'll pull off a full-blown investigation. Most won't know he's inspecting them since he's pretty skilled at keeping subtle, but he'll make every effort to find something wrong with you. He is hired by gang/clan leaders to see if certain sharks in their group may be spies or traitors-- and most of the time he finds them right off the bat. There is hardly a case this sharkie cannot solve!

6. Mintyspear: ~pinkclaw
This is a very wild shark, he has no sort of social skills, he can barely stand in the presence of another shark without starting a fight. He has a short fuse and tends to be Hot-headed within a few seconds. If you make him really mad, he'll hit you with a near-fatal blow with his candycane spear. He tends to be stubborn as well and hard to calm down. It's best to just avoid this shark for the most part, he is not very forgiving.

7. Lifestabber: =Kingdomkey
This shark had a very depressing life, and his life just got a lot worse. He is a Crybaby, so he's already given a tough time. He managed to get a family, though his mate isn't very nice to him all the time.. he still loves his family very much. He, however, barely stayed alive due to a constant hopeless feeling deep inside. He only lived because life forced him to live... Then one day a Bittersweet came along to change that. He ran into a hobo Bittersweet on the beach, and just his luck, it was a blood-thirsty crazy one. It threatened to kill him, but it didn't seemed to move him much... Rather annoyed by this, the Bittersweet blinded the shark and took the shark's heart, but using its magic, kept the shark "alive" as a little "treat". However, again, the shark was not moved. Now furious, the Bittersweet looked into the shark's heart to find what was close to him-- then the Bittersweet threaten the shark it would use its powerful magic to devistate the shark's family. At this point his eyes opened wide, just at the thought of his family being harmed. He then agreed to whatever the sick minded Bittersweet wanted him to do.
This shark, now nor dead or alive, not really having any emotion, wonders around doing as his master wishes-- kill almost anyone he lays eyes on. He  must take someone's life to keep his family save everyday. He has no heart to really care for the victim that is on the end of his sword, he only opperates with the thought of his family. He has no love for them really since he does not have a heart, but continues to kill to spare their lives. How can he do this without any morality, no pain? These questions causes him to never stops crying, crying till he can cry no more. He seems to be extremely drained whenever seen.

8. Mr. Chef: =Kingdomkey
Cold to the bone, this shark will not regret getting rid of anyone he finds hindering to his goals. Permanently. He is a pretty typical gang leader shark, has an iron fist over a certain part of shark society, knows how to fight well, and is very feared. He however finds this life a bit... dull from time to time. So he sneaks away from his duties to satisfy his thirst.. for culinary art. He likes to hunt as many Candy Bites down as he can so he can make some pretty nice dishes out of each. Hardly anyone knows of this, and he likes to keep it that way. Anyone who finds out about his hobby will not live to tell others about it... So if you see him preparing a meal with his own hands, turn the other way, quick.

------------------------------Everything beyond this point is CYOP or WTIC!--------------------------------

9. Gutter: ~pinkclaw
Usually this guy is pretty dependable, he can keep a very level head for the most part and is pretty Cool. He just tends to be a bit unusually... inappropriate from time to time... Making casual jokes about cutting others' insides out, even when he's talking directly to that shark he's referring to. He gets a kick out of it, just starts to have a gigglefit. Other sharks do not react the same.
(Note: I was planning to up a gut design on the shirt, as if you could see his insides through it-- however you do not have to accept this, you may request for something different to be on the shirt)

10. Jumproper: =Kingdomkey
A cute little Bad-ass Wannabe who thinks by doing neat tricks with rope will keep them from being beaten up.

11. Chopchump: ~Faux-Storm
This shark is very very Grouchy, and everyone has to know about it. He is very loud when complaining about ever little thing that bothers him. He can literally spend hours on end complaining about how his tail is itchy. Not even kidding.

12. Bearly Alive Abearican: =Kingdomkey
They call him "Bear". Mainly because he's always ready to rage, hardly having any control over that Hot-head of his. However other sharks only started calling him that after he bragged about running into a creature called a "bear" in the human world and getting his wrond on his chest He's very headstrong, so most could believe this is pretty true that he got maul by such a dangerous sounding creature due to pissing it off.
(Note: This one has the rare markings of Giraffe Dotted)

More info on Gummi Sharks here:
Gummi Shark Info [General] (New Marking) by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Personalites and Moods] (New!) by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Gender Part I] by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Sub-Personalities] by Pieology

Base (c)*wolphfe
Species, Design and Art(c)=Pieology
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