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October 26, 2013
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Wolphfe Sharks 10 .:Closed:. by Pieology Wolphfe Sharks 10 .:Closed:. by Pieology
Oi, that took me a long while, longer than expected. OTL I apologize for not being able to upload these at a decent time, I was busy trying to write about each sharkie and I kinda realized writing about 12 different characters take a while. XDDDD But yes, the "Halloweenish" Gummi Shark set is here!

I originally was planning to have an auction for the October Gummi Shark set, but I decided to just make this set priceish! However I did make the minimum a bit higher since I am aiming to get a friend a nice b-day gift and gear towards getting a 3DS/Pokemon!

I will throw in a little treat this time since I do need practice with drawing more frequently, so if you offer $25 (or more for whatever reason.. XD), you'll get some extra art of your sharkie! You can read about it below~

And I tried my best not to keep any off this set.. however #8 has fallen into my possession for reasons... XDDD Omg what even?

Ahhh and I wanted to make sure to thank all of those who gave me theme suggestions for this set. I don't know what I would have done or if I could even make a set of 12 sharkies without some help. OTL I thank you so so so much for that, you have no idea how helpful it is; the themes I used that were suggest were: Candy, candy corn, vampire, falling leaves/autumn tree colors, black cat, scarecrow, emo, and stripes.

By the way there ended up being 2 rainbow drips, 1 giraffe dotted, 1 rare personality, and 1 rare sub-personality sharkies on this set! The odds have been very generous with this set, yes yes! 


*Please do not resale or steal these. Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…
*This is a temporarily closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
*Be sure to credit me for making the design when you first draw it.
*Please do not give them rare markings/personalities/sub-personalities unless they are marked as being able to. ;H; That way they'll keep rare.
*No trades.
*No begging, whining, or guilt-tripping. I'd like to keep my inbox at least a little less cluttered than it already is. OTL
*You may try to offer more than the max price, but I cannot guarantee that I'll accept your offer since this is supposed to be a set price set.
*Cash only, no points. Sorry!
*I'll send you the unwatermaked version once I confirm payment.
*Feel free to give them a new wardrobe.
*Have fun with them Lovelies! *3*


$15-$25 unless stated otherwise. If you offer $25, you get a chose to get a doodle page like this of your shark/or a different OC (may or may not be colored):
Or a bust like this:

1. Simplecandy: =Kingdomkey(?!?!?!)
This is a simple shark. A simply Grouchy little sharkie. Perhaps it's a bit complicated on how this sharkie lost his eye which got him to be grouchy in the first place, but for the most part he's simple. A simple life is a life this sharkie lives, and anything that interupts this will surely be taken out of it.

2. Sorceryhood: =Kingdomkey
Most assume this little sharkie is Nice, which he is. Always helping strangers to find their way through the sea and going out his way to treat anyone for scars. However no one is prepare for the darkness that looms within this sharkie's heart. In reality, this shark is wicked and dishonest! That wound he might have treated will eventually turn into a curse that has warts growing out of it. This shark has learned a bit of magic, (probably from a Ribbon Jacker or even an exiled Bittersweet hobo on the beach) and uses it to satifsy his desire to be a "true" Gummi Shark. He hated that he turned out to be nice, but frankly he cannot help it. But in anyway he can, he'll cause harm to others with his magic, so watch out!

3. Scarenapper: *Superhglg (Owe Doodle Page)
At first sight, this shark seems rather frightening to most Gummi Sharks. However he is only a cool but lazy guy that likes to nap while standing up. Sometimes he finds a stick or something to hang his shirt on so he can sleep upright. It's not really clear as to why he does this, but that's just how he is.

4. Chillyhands: =Kingdomkey
Any shark in their right mind knows to avoid this Cold shark. He may be quiet, but he is still extremely dangerous-- or so it's believed. It's rumored a stare into his eyes will suck all your emotions and memories out of you. Some may want this, but it is also said he'll keep you still with his stare and touch you to steal your life. Whether or not any of this is true, he is indeed a very strange shark; it seems he doesn't even have to swim to move in the water/jelly, he just floats underwater standing-- in fact it seems he might not even have legs...

5. Striper: =Kingdomkey
Be weary of this one, he can be very Inappropriate, sometimes yelling random insults at you and laughing like a maniac. In fact you know what? He is completely deranged! His movement is very unusual, he seems to sway from side to side "playfully" and smiling even when sitting. There are times he is very aware that there's something wrong with himself, and he'll try to tie himself up with his very long sleeves before his has one of his "moments". Even though he laughs, there is nothing funny about the state of this poor shark.

6. Frankentail: =Kingdomkey & ~KlockworkKat for *Sakura-Pumpkin (Owe Doodle Page)
Oh this one, this one is very feared! Even before his... oddity, he frighten many. He used to be a Mean-spirited leader of a gang; at times the things he had this gang do and how he treated his own members were extremely cruel. No one dared try to stop him though, especially since he's a really clever fighter and can take you out without breaking a sweat. Most of the time he didn't even have to lay a hand on those that opposed him, he had very cruel punishments laid on them to handle the issue for him. He seemed to be prepared for any attack.. One day however, there was one shark that caught him completely off-guard: one of his own members that were the medic for his gang. This shark seemed very timid and looked like he couldn't hurt a fly-- however he attacked this boss, and he managed to do a number on him with his medical "weapons", including sewing this guy's mouth shut, giving him some bad scars, and ripping/chopping off one of his ears and tail. Of course, this sharkie finally gained a hold of the betrayer and killed him. Without a tail though, he seemed to be doomed to death as well. However... he thought quickly and decided to use the medical weapons to take the now dead medic's tail and sewed it onto where his was missing. He did this not only because his ablitiy to swim was at stake, but also he was rather.. envious of the other shark's colorfulness. Now he could at least have a part of it...
Now he is even more terrifying to every shark that lays eyes on him. He is viewed as a sick disgusting monster that is not to be messed with; and it's true, you best to avoid this now also spiteful fellow.
(Note: This shark has the rare markings, Rainbow Drip and his replacement tail is Sugar-freckled)

7. Leafysprinkles: ~KlockworkKat (Owe Doodle Page)
Skeptical and maybe even a bit judgmental, this shark always keeps his scarf above his mouth to keep himself from socializing with those who he doesn't trust. Leaf-shaped sprikles usually stick to him or his scarf where he lives-- where sprinkle willows grow by the jelly sea far from most other sharks. He likes solitude and peace, so he trusts only a few souls that don't cause him trouble.

8. Cornyspiker: Paid to Keep (Don't even ask XDD)
This guy is pretty much a Cocky, big-mouthed sharkie, he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut about how awesome he looks. He sticks candycorn to himself to raise his "cool factor", and there's no way to convince him that it doesn't do this. Most laugh at him behind his back, though they try not to do so in his face because he can get pretty annoying when you anger him. Just keep calm around him, don't start up that mouth of his.
(Note: This shark has the rare markings, Giraffe Dotted)

9. Madfur: =Kingdomkey
A bit hot-headed at times, most find it best to steer clear of this guy. He wears some mysterious creature's fur that he found dead one day while hunting for Candy Bites. Like most Gummi Sharks, this guy has no idea what most of the creatures in the Candy World are, and this is a rather unusual one to see dead on the beach. Nevertheless, it does make for a great fur outfit~
(Note: For an extra $15, I'll create a sketch ref of the Sugar Raider's feral form this Gummi Shark is wearing; And if you want the human form of the Sugar Raider, that'll be another $10+. (I won't do the human form alone, only just the feral form or the feral form+human form) You don't have to take this deal right away, but basically I am offering a Sugar Raider semi-custom that you can ask for almost at any time. However please let me know beforehand if you're interested in this offer when you buy the shark, just so I can be prepared for whenever you want to ask me for the Sugar Raider before death. If you don't know what a Sugar Raider is, read here:… )

10. Thirdvision: *Ponns
A Cool and a little snobby sharkie that has unfortunately been blinded in both of his eyes. He wears a jewel that looks like a third eye on his head-- this creeps other sharkies out a lot. Rumor has it, this shark can really see through that "jewel" on his head, and calling it a "jewel" is just to cover up this freakish ability. It's probably not true, but every once in a while, the eye seems to move...

11. Bloodysparkles: *countesslainy (Owe Doodle Page)
This total Fawner always has a scheme up his cape. When you see bunch of sparkles and a pair of red eyes heading your way, run, and run fast. This guy plans to steal your blood! But it's not for him to drink.. it's for him to collect. He wants to have a jar full of blood from everyshark/everybody he meets-- though he'll settle with a tube. Either way, he wants to sink his fangs into your neck for more than just mating...

12. Frosty: =Kingdomkey
Something about this Melancholy fellow is off to most sharks. He's always cold and shivering-- and Gummi Sharks hardly ever shiver... He doesn't know what is wrong with him, he always feels so drained and ready to collapse at any moment. Physical contact with him will make you cold for a few minutes, as if he doesn't have any heat in him. He wasn't always like this, or pale in the face, it seems that these set of events have come upon him when he was given this strange necklace in his childhood. Even though it seems to be the  cause of his despair, he refuses to take it off.
(Note: This shark has the rare markings, Rainbow Drip)

More info on Gummi Sharks here:

Base (c)*wolphfe
Species, Design and Art(c)=Pie-Tie
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Pastel-Candy Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
10 hours and they're GONE. Geez, I wish ones I liked we're still open.
OhSweetYaoiHands Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
$36 on 3, I am so destressed about this
OhSweetYaoiHands Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's pathetic how upset I am about this
Superhglg Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013   Artist
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Superhglg Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013   Artist
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This is so hectic... XD
Pieology Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Gaaah, this is what happens when I just drop to sleep. OTL I accept your offer for #3!
And since you offered so much, I'll let you have both a doodle page and the bust! (Would you like the art of this character or a different character?)
Superhglg Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013   Artist
Poor you Pie XD
(and would it be the $30 offer or the $35 offer X3? )

And perhaps this character c: ?

(( I think I still have your paypal... ))
Pieology Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Uuh, whichever you feel like paying. XD Up to you~

Ah do you mean the sharkie or did you mean to leave a link? ;u;
(Alrighty, but if you're uncertain about, don't be afraid to ask for it <3)
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