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.:Piebabby:. by Pieology .:Piebabby:. by Pieology
Still not used to drawing/being away from my DS. XDDD Uuuugh, art what are you doing, why you coming out so crappy??

Well anyway, I decided to make a doodle page of Piebab as a babby (kid). She used to be one happy child, not your super energetic and sometimes obnoxious child, but just a cheerful one. Back then, she had a lot of friends, most being boys because her pack hardly had girl babs in it... Piebab didn't have as many stripes or markings on her as a child, but as she got older, her stripes had spread from her chest to her bottom and all the neck fluff turned into the lighter creamy color. She always had a colorful and "lacey" butt, and sometimes the other kids would point it out and poke fun at her. Every once in a while though she asked "Why are you looking?" and that would usually shut them up. (weirdo kids lawl) She wasn't as afraid of everything as she is now, although she still had a fear of spiders. Usually her male friends would play pranks on her that involved those horrid things, and she'd usually end up crying or not talking to them some days after she called them all jerks. But it didn't take long for her to forgive them, she just wanted to have fun and have a great time with her friends!

When it came to prey, or practicing catch prey, she kinda.. sucked. She loved coming up with a few inventions here and there and was pretty crafty at making traps for small animals-- though not traps that would kill them, no no no, she only wanted to stare at her prizes in awe. But killing them was not really much of an option for her, not only did she not want to, but she really wasn't great at hunting anyway. (especially since she couldn't really stab anything with her horns and didn't have much strength in her pounces/bites)

Despite all of that, it seemed like Piebab would perhaps grow up fine having all her friends around to help her and having a good and joyful life. Life was sweet... Until some mysterious and frightening events started to creep up. Slowly, one by one, her friends started to disappear-- and I don't mean they stop being her friends; I mean literally. After a long search for them by a few older babs, they were found dead with a terrified expression on their face with only a few bodies, or almost only a skeleton was remaining. No one was able to figure out what happened to them... Rumors started to arise, assuming that a scary legendary bab, particularly the legend of skelabab, had gotten them. Other babs thought it was just humans, not that it was any less frightening or horrible. Either way, for a long amount of time, this left the pack alert and on their highest guard. Piebab was terrified, and it didn't help that bullies taunted her saying that she was next and that "they" (being either the humans or skelabab) would get her.  

Not too long after these disappearances, Piebab started to distance herself from most of the pack. The babs that were once her bullies matured and tried to become her friends-- however it was too late, she refused to even talk to anybody and even dreaded making eye contact. Eventually she had snuck off, thinking no one would really miss her since she thought she was no help to hunts or anything. The only friend she had in her mind was her reflection in the water, and just started to respond to her own thoughts she said aloud. One day a few babs from her pack had found her-- but by then she was trembling with great fear and seemed very hostile, maybe even insane with the terrifying noises coming from her. As soon as one brave bab approached her, Piebab dashed off. However no one dared to chase after her, there was no telling what she had become or what she could do.

Perhaps the collecting of really cute items had restored some "sanity" to this very odd bab, but fear still torments her everyday. Will Piebab ever get over this fear? Who knows? Will she return back to her happy self? Probably not. Oh Piebab, you are a sad one. //sleeps

Mantibabs (c)*PhloxeButt
Piebab and Art (c)=Pie-Tie
xXLilGemXx Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She is super cute! :heart:
Hart-Adoptz Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Student Artist
'with only a few buries, or almost only a skeleton was remaining'

uh.. whats 'buries'


aw poor baby ;A;

she needs a good tousle of her furr [omg how does one english. i mean put my hand on her head and tousle her fur]

so cute <3 
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