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.:Hue Pocket-Heart App:. by Pieology .:Hue Pocket-Heart App:. by Pieology

YAAAAY I'm in!!! My life is now complete! *^* Hehehe, meet another weirdo I made, Hue. eue He's so.... weird. lD




Drifloon :iconghosttypeplz::iconflyingtypeplz:












Level 1


Clear Smog


*Ice cream
*Small fluffy things
*Making others wonder about him (more like creep them out)
*Standing Over Someone from behind
*Short people
*Cute things
*Picking up anyone he likes/can

*Being alone
*People staring back at him


He doesn't really talk much, but he does seem to have some sort of interest in certain things. Sometimes his curiosity can get him into trouble. Usually he can get himself out of whatever trouble he may venture into, but it's a different story when others are dragged in.
His presence is a bit... unsettling. He tends to stand in odd places around people that can make them feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes he forgets what personal space is and give others the chills with his breath blowing past their neck. Even when he's far away, his stare is chilling also. He seems to enjoy being a mystery because that way, he'll always make sure he is noticed by others. Maybe he has an attention-issue, but whatever the case, he is sure to be noticed when around.
His one love he tries to cover up is a thing for cute and short creatures. If he finds you adorable, he'll try to pick you up. This is probably how he has a reputation of being a creeper. But he can be nice and friendly to whoever he pleases. However he won't hesitate to give you a cold shoulder. Literally.


Maybe Hue ended up this way because he never really received any attention from others, especially his parents. They would be too busy working and send him out to go play or something and give him some ice cream to take with him. Even when he went outside, the other children treated him as if he was invisible. After a while, he began to believe he was invisible himself and started to study the world.

One day something did give him some attention. It was a cute little Skitty that seemed to be hungry. He took it home since his parents were too busy to notice anything he did, and fed the Skitty. When it was confident enough, it run away to go back to wondering the city. Hue never cried or even felt sad. In fact, he was quite happy to see the Skitty be able to live because of him. Ever since, he is a bit warmer to the small, fluffy things. He began stalking shorter people and he finally got attention from his parents through lectures telling him to respect people's space.

Seeing that this got him attention, in his teen years, he started to creep everyone out. Not too long after he was infamous and nicknamed "The Creeper". He didn't care much at all what kind of attention he received, he continued to behave oddly. And til this day, he is still very much "The Creeper" amongst anyone he meets.

One day while he was creeping around and following a little Whimsicott, he saw something shiny far away in a dark alley. Curious, he walked down the alley to see what it was; it seemed like some sort of key. Before he could get a better look at it, he blacked out. A while after, he woke up in the calm world of Traverse Town along with the Whimsicott in his hat. Even though he didn't know where he was or what this huge key was in his hand, he casually got up and explored the place. He didn't miss his old town, and has been wandering around Traverse Town ever since.


*Sometimes he will stare at you with a creepy look as if he wants to take you with him... To where, I'm not sure.
*He has a thing for Skitties.
*Hue is not attracted to any gender in particular, just cute fluffy things
*His most common phase is "Do you want me to follow you...?"
*He might seem a bit passive, but when in danger, he is a very aggressive fighter.
*He doesn't like to stare at Dark Pokemon as long as other ones for some reason.

Hue (c)Grace
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Rodemus Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Want to rp?
Bellareena Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:iconamgtouchplz: He's so ufufufufu~<333 handsome! :'D I love creepers!//hit
Jenndragon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Ah my he's an interesting one <33 nice work!
rat-piss Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
It's official: our team is full of weird people. This is going to be awesome. : D
Eluvhian Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I like him lol...he's weird like Redeyes XD
kitzune-griffith Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i like the darker tones you used, i always see these bright purples.
Morthern Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
i like his design, and his backstory is interesting and fits well with the bit where drifloons are picking things up in the pokedex, i love it when people include things like that.
it just clicks reall well with the character c:
Chili-Pot Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Artist
Oh yay /o/
I love seeing the apps for this group of the people I watch ~ <3333333 :'D

Congrats on getting in the group, I look forward to rping with you ;A;
and and and I really adore your character D:
Reading his personality, history and what not was lots of fun 8D
it's nice to know that my character isn't going to be the only creeper |D

*touches him*
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