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April 23, 2013
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Adoptable Trades .:Open/Update:. by Pieology Adoptable Trades .:Open/Update:. by Pieology
Oh important update, to avoid confusion because not all of you may know, by Gummi Sharks I mean ones you bought from me, my original species! ;H; Read more here:…

Also please link me to your offers, it's a bit of a hassle for me to run around searching. OTL

Alrighty, finally made a trade sheet, gosh I'm just a bit heart broken to see I couldn't fit many of these into my stories I had planned. OTL Nevertheless, they need better homes than mine so I'm putting them up for trade! ;u; Also there are some that aren't on this sheet that are in this journal!:…

I'm willing to give some away there because I really need to reduce the amount of adopts I have. ;;;u;;; Also for #10 and #13, I'll probably only accept other =PrincePie designs for them, I mean Piebro's designs are just gold, I feel bad just putting them here. I may just end up keeping them after a while, along with with anything else that has hearts by it.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of these designs are girls and.. yeah I can't really draw them nor can I really use them, so. @H@ #21 may be given away to a friend if they're interested, and just a note that the gender of that one cannot be changed (which is why I have to trade it OTL). Lastly if you know the makers of the ones who I cannot find, please please pleeeease let me know, I just hate it when people don't give proper credit and I hate not being able to give proper credit. OTL Why you people put adopts and such in storage or delete them, I wanna credit yoooou. //@H@ //""""""


*This is not first come first serve
*I may decline offers if I am not interested in the design or if I cannot see myself drawing/using it a lot
*Please do not offer me customs, but if you want to make something that might satisfy me, look at my guidelines below. (Unless you're like an epic friend that can handle my horrible custom orders XD)
*I will be very picky with offers for adoptables that I bought with cash. So do not offer me an 100 point adopt for something I spent $6 on. OTL
*I may add or take away adoptables from the sheet at anytime.

How to Offer:

*Comment with the character number
*You may offer more than one character
*It can be an OC, an adopted character, or a character you made following my guidelines, as long as it really is yours, you can offer.

Guidelines to What I Like/Dislike:

I love:

* Males/Traps
* Pirates


* Sailors
* Punk Style
* Bookbags
* Dapper/Sexy men
* Kemonomimi/Anthro
* Glasses/Goggles
* Hair Over Eyes
* Pink/Light Blue Hair
* Dreads
*Tan/Dark skinned characters
* Detailed Fur Patterns or Clothes
* Fluffy ears/tails (the inside of the ear)
* Big Paws
* Eye Patches
* Suspenders or belts
* Bows and Lace
* Curly or wavy hair
* Gradient or multicolored hair


* Females (Honestly, I can't draw them OTL)
* Amour/Mecha
* Scales/Aquatic/Feathers (Unless wings)
* Steampunk or Medieval
* Dragons/Deer/Bears/Cats/Birds
* Beaks/Hooves
* Long and/or straight hair (unless it's fluffy or long dreads)
* Simple/Plain Clothes/Fur Designs

Adoptable List
Adopt maker: Status/New owner of character

1. ~Honeybunbuns: Open
2. ~Neirru: Open
3. Not sure who made this, may have put theirs in storage/deleted deviation: Open
4. *Woestijn: Open (Man forgot to put heart by this one, gonna be really picky)
5. *kimasura: Open
6. ~wtfamidrawing: Open (*weeps* really liked this one, may be a bit picky ;A;"")
7. Not sure who made this, may have put theirs in storage/deleted deviation: =Abissh
8. Not sure who made this, may have put theirs in storage/deleted deviation: Open
9. //sobs Owner did you delete/put your drawing in storage? I no find you OTL: Open
10. =PrincePie: Traded with ~soapweed
11. ~Rae-Waku: Open
12. *VictorianOlive: Open (beautiful adopt, Imma be picky about this one)
13. =PrincePie: Mine
14. ~DemooChan: Open
15. Maker deactivated a while ago??? So now I can't find the deviation to find them OTL: Open
16. Maker deactivated a while ago??? So now I can't find the deviation to find them OTL: Open
17. ~DemooChan: Open
18. By Starfawn@FA: Open
19. *BaseAdopts: Open
20. =Pyonkotcchi: Open
21. By Starfawn@FA: Given to =Kingdomkey
Original species by Starfawn Called Lumibun.

22. ~Nyuchu: Open
23. ~mjoyart: Open
24. =Steamed-Bun: Open
25. =Pie-Tie (made with =Steamed-Bun's base): Traded with *defigure
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ChibiUsaHitomi21 Mar 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
May I trade for number 23 pretty Plz!
ChibiUsaHitomi21 Mar 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
As well as #7 and 9!
cytrynowy-zaciesz Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love #2 ^^
Bow-Stitches Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I could make a custom person for you for # 9 with your likes ^-^
Newest examples of human:… (but I have gotten better ^-^ I even do full bodies like so:…)
WolfStrawberryEater Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gahh, i want #2 &#24, but i cant send links. D;
KrisWinter Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Would you be interested in any of these for #1 or #20?
xxMeli Aug 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

Hi, I would like to have number 20, if it's possible, here is my offers: or

I hope you like one of them.

Oh-So-Kawaii Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
is 23 still available?
I love #23 with my heart and soul~
I'll offer 14 on this sheet ;u;
Omg, in love with #6! <3
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